1. Queen of the Demons
2. First Vampire
3. First Wife of adam
4. Dried up old hag, who thinks that by having sex with as many people as possible (often symaltniously) she will somhow gain great power - if only over the people she beds.
"dude, you slept with Diane? - she's a total Lilith!"
by I_Know_all January 29, 2004
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1) A girl/woman who doesn't like being on the bottom, typically because they don't enjoy being "dominated". I'm also told the bottom hurts more; that might be another reason (although I wouldn't know).

2) A woman who does not want to be submissive to men. It comes from the old Hebrew story of Lilith, who was Adam's first wife. She was forbidden to live in the Garden of Eden because she refused to be secondary to Adam. The term 'Lilith' generally has a very negative connotation, and is often associated with feminism.
"Hey bro, are you still dating *insert girl's name here*? "

"Nah, I had to break it off. She was a total Lilith; I just couldn't take it anymore. "
by IRLmeangirl March 05, 2016
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Lilith didn't listen to God and became a demoness whose mouth was sown shut and is unable to have kids :D
by Potatoes1234 February 19, 2016
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Associated with clichés of lesbian culture; dyke.

Origin: The Lilith Tour sucked ass.
That bar has Tori Amos on the jukebox. How lilith can you get?!
by pdandy December 16, 2006
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A subtype of Monarch programming used by the CIA involving the use of the popular mythological demigoddess of the same name.
The girl was a Lilith type so it was easy to sell her ass
by Zandroid August 18, 2017
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This is a fat ugly cow-faced cunt, who will sleep with any guy she can get her hands on. Instead of comforting a friend who's just come out of a break up, she will hang out with that friend's ex. then try to sleep with him. skank.
WOW. whatta freaking lilith, way to choose my ex over me bitch.
by pissedoff:) May 05, 2010
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She is the most worst person i ever metttttttttttttttttt
theres a lilith down the street and it most be shoooottttt
by That Gurl 279 December 15, 2018
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