Lilith is a girl who is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!! She is so beautiful inside and out and you will never meet anyone who is as great as her. She’s so sweet,funny,fun to hang with,loving and the bestest friend you’ll ever meet. She gets all the guys but she doesn’t focus on boys and stuff like that. She has a lot of friends and she is very popular. She is really smart but mostly dumb in an good and funny way and she will never fail to make you smile. Lilith is great at sports and the most amazing girl ever. She is a type of friend who will never leave you
Girl 1~hey she’s so pretty I wanna be her friend let’s say hi
Girl 2~ya she is let’s say hi
They say hi, your really pretty

Lilith~Hey and omg thank you, but your
the ones who are pretty
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by Andreaa.a. April 02, 2021
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so cool, one of the best people you'll ever meet.
talking about lilith
by hellobitches69696969 May 21, 2021
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