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Lilith’s are very selfish, and cold towards others. While that’s the case you’d also have to admit they’re very funny, smart, and beautiful. Seemingly the only people Lilith will care about are those dear to her.

Lilith can be very sweet and gentle, but it can also be an act whilst she’s being manipulative and two faced at the same moment.

You can never really tell if a Lilith hates you if you hang around her or her friend group. She won’t publicly be a bitch to you in front of others to keep her reputation.

Though she maintains a reputation she won’t hesitate to snap back at you if you make any remarks.

Liliths are likely dismissive of others flirting with her, or trying to get with her. It takes a long time to earn a Liliths trust and or heart. In the end it really is worth it.

Once she loves you she loves you. She’ll be the sweetest person to you until you do something to make her turn otherwise.
Lilith is a very special person, and if you’re on her good side you’ll enjoy it. She’s nothing like the rest. She’s beautiful,
I can’t get that Lilith off my mind..
by UnknownedUser June 18, 2020

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Cammy. She’s a funny girl, makes jokes in any type of situation. She won’t hesitate to insult or roast you. In most cases she’s messing around. She’s a total flirt, some think she can be a bit extreme. Cammy isn’t exactly a nice girl, she’ll insult you no matter who you are. At the end of the day Cammy has a good heart, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

If you ever manage to get a Cammy’s heart.. just treat her well.
That cammy sure is something else..
by UnknownedUser June 18, 2020

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A all in all pretty serious guy. He's usually very dismissive of others even if not intentional. Can be pretty unfriendly not knowing you as well as when he does. Despite not treating others nicely, Kazdam is hella funny.
"Man Kazdam just scolded me for no reason"
"What a serious guy"
by UnknownedUser November 18, 2020

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