When you’re/someone (is) kissing ass so much to get something for so long that you’re no longer kissing ass you’re licking taint.

(Trying to achieve something by sucking up to someone, but having to double the amount of sucking up, to advance on the reaching of ones goal.)

(Relates to terms like, ass kissing, suck my dick, suck a left nut/tit, screw you, gtfo, and lick my balls ( ligma ). )
Bro Jordan has been kissing Sarah’s ass for months, now he’s just licking taint.
by Goatking69420 July 31, 2018
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The skin generally tainted in color located between the anus and genitals.
My Ex asked me for some money, I told that bitch to lick taint.
by Kapital-K* September 09, 2015
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Someone with a insatiable appetite for licking the area between your nuts & corn hole.
I ran out of toilet paper so I had a taint lick clean up my zone.
by Doyle February 18, 2004
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n., a person who is rude, a jerk
taint-lick - adj., jerk-like
I can't believe you'd do that; it was a real taint-lick thing to do -or- Dude, you are such a taint lick
by MQuiggle June 15, 2007
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Teriyaki Taint Lick; An asain giving you a very erotic taint lick. It involves a lot of saliva and slobbering, far more than a standard taint lick. It is sometimes accompanied by the use of tariyaki sauce but isn't required. However, if the taint licker is not asain then it is a must in order to be classified as a Teriyaki Taint Lick.
Guy #1: Man last night Wu was all over my taint.
Guy #2: You mean he was giving you a Teriyaki Taint Lick?
Guy #1: Whats that?
Guy #2: Its when an asain licks all over your taint like it was General Tso's Chicken.
by lil_richo October 05, 2009
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A ficticious strain of marijuana specifically designed to make your over-zealous client look like a real shmuck in front of anyone who has the time of day to listen to him discuss his weed.
Adam: Yo do you know where I could cop any mexican taint-lick? it's a hybrid between mexican shwag and inbetweenis.
by Jackson Christopher June 05, 2007
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