An inspired deep, thoughtful, respectful person. Kurtis's generally have a way with words like no other. They can talk like they know you inside and out when all it is really is that they have a way of touching your soul, looking beyond what you portray into the deepest part of you. They have a genuine smile that could melt away your darkest troubles.
Kurtis's are generally talented people, sometimes musicians, great story tellers, and comedians too, which is always great when you need a smile. Some Kurtis's are remarkably smart, and very well grounded, they have a connection to the earth and treat her with the respect she deserves. Kurtis's are special people, but be careful, if your not ready for a Kurtis, you'll never be able to get him out of your dreams.
"Did you see that guy?"

"Yeah, a total Kurtis!"
by blahblahblah4224422442 October 29, 2011
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girl: hey kurtis!
kurtis: hey

boy: why are your pants all wet?

girl: umm...ohh..
by Rambo1107 February 3, 2010
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A boy that is in love with a girl he never met in person.
Kurtis is not stupid, but in love.
by fsfsfgsgfksfsfksfgkefkkfk November 10, 2020
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Kurtis: (Curr-Tiss) : An awesome guy for real. Totally not written by a guy at AESS-
Kurtis is awesome.
by June 2, 2023
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Usually has a construction related career path, resides in a small predominately white town in Pennsylvania. Has a high likelihood of obesity. Definitely doesn't burn.
A Kurtis would work for a fire department. They hate burning
by carolebaskins6969 May 16, 2020
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Is a bitch...

And bisexual

Some Kurtis’s are known as buzz kills and attention whores, but we love them anyways
Wow Kurtis is such a bitch
by Latoyamlaj June 6, 2020
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