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An inspired deep, thoughtful, respectful person. Kurtis's generally have a way with words like no other. They can talk like they know you inside and out when all it is really is that they have a way of touching your soul, looking beyond what you portray into the deepest part of you. They have a genuine smile that could melt away your darkest troubles.
Kurtis's are generally talented people, sometimes musicians, great story tellers, and comedians too, which is always great when you need a smile. Some Kurtis's are remarkably smart, and very well grounded, they have a connection to the earth and treat her with the respect she deserves. Kurtis's are special people, but be careful, if your not ready for a Kurtis, you'll never be able to get him out of your dreams.
"Did you see that guy?"

"Yeah, a total Kurtis!"
by blahblahblah4224422442 October 29, 2011
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someone who will do anything for anyone as long as they are worthy of it.
kurtis will help u as long as u dont rick it up!
by whootwhoot 1 September 21, 2009
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Kurtis has A HUGE DICK. commits to the same girl, preferably a tristyn. loves her very much. great guy. usually tall but with muscle. nice guy, knows what to say, is very loving of all his freind, good or not.
"did you meet kurtis? he's such a great guy."
by An0nYm0u555555 January 09, 2012
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