Ummm...Wu Tang Clan
Not any of the other unurban bullshit that other people have posted.
Meth is a member of The Wu.
by Diego November 13, 2003
The best name a person can have. It shows power and strength!
Aren't the Wu's so awesome?
by im bored 97432 February 16, 2016
Meaningthe way” and/or “gateway to heaven”.
Wu is the natural flow of life not the wu tang you idiots
by Amoreneaux October 26, 2019
People that are humble, honest, real, mature and loyal
by Dussyunlimited May 8, 2017
A really adorable girl who squeaks when poked. Last name happens to be "Wu" and though shared with millions (even billions) of Asians, there is only one real WU, a native of Columbia
"Where's Wu?"
"I don't know. She's little. She may have been lost."
by Kar April 24, 2005
Greatest name ever created.
by Idonp November 22, 2021
what you call someone when you are angry and in a controlling mood...or what you call someone when you want to get slapped.
Mom: Wu!!!! get yo ass up here and do your Biology and Chemistry.

Daughter: *laughs*

Boy: Wu!!!!!
Girl: *Slaps the boy really hard*
Boy: *Smiles* ow
by JT Santiago November 29, 2011