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A derogatory combination of "Libertarian" and "Retarded".

1. Used to identify a specific brand of libertarian who never shuts the fuck up about their version of "morality" yet demonstrates behavior that makes it obvious they desire all restrictive forces in society to be weaker in order to fuck other people over.

A tyrant wanna-be who calls "Tyranny" against that which stands in his way out of frustration.

2. Used to identify a just plain dumb-as-fuck libertarian, often a basement dweller who believes the government did 9/11 because beams broke at their weakest point just like a bomb would break beams.
It cracks me up when libertards go on about economic Darwinism when they still live in their parent's basement.
by Jesse_the_Thief September 25, 2010
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Mix of libertarian and retard, used to denote a libertarian who is idealistic and has unrealistic expectations for a hypothetical libertarian society.
This libertard the other day was telling me that if we removed all economic regulations the rising tide would lift all boats. Since he's a libertard, he didn't even think about the 19th century implementation that resulted in slavery, wage slavery, poorhouses, slums, child labor, and numerous economic crashes.
by Snakes on a Wii July 11, 2009
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1. A mix of the words liberal and retard.
2. What all liberals should be called... for they are, in fact, retarded for having such idiotic beliefs...
3. Anyone with the last name Clinton
I was talking to some libertard, and he said that because we never found WMDs in Iraq, we should pull out of the war... Like liberating the Iraqis and getting rid of thousands of terrorist extremists wasn't at least as, if not more, beneficial to our cause than ridding dangerous enemies of WMDs...
by wahiv August 23, 2007
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The retarded second album by Velvet Revolver.

A commercial failure, it was not as successful as their debut, Contrabland.
'Chinese Democracy' isn't as good as 'Appetite for Destruction,' but it's a hell of a lot better than Libertard.
by Seems to Me January 29, 2009
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