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Mix of libertarian and retard, used to denote a libertarian who is idealistic and has unrealistic expectations for a hypothetical libertarian society.
This libertard the other day was telling me that if we removed all economic regulations the rising tide would lift all boats. Since he's a libertard, he didn't even think about the 19th century implementation that resulted in slavery, wage slavery, poorhouses, slums, child labor, and numerous economic crashes.
by Snakes on a Wii July 11, 2009

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A buzzword used by dullards to seem hip and "in" on "latest" technology, in hopes that no one will be perceptive enough to see that what's "Web 2.0" isn't new at all, but rather a catch-all term for websites that give people imagined self-importance by letting them comment on and share content with other equally moronic readers.
OMG this website is so Web 2.0! Check it out there's a button to post this to my facebook, myspace, and twitter! Now all my friends will see how hip I am and maybe someone will finally love me!
by Snakes on a Wii September 22, 2009

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A referee who seems curiously oblivious to walks, tons of contact, and charging when Kentucky commits them. Kentucky fans like to believe it doesn't happen, but whenever Kentucky loses they blame the referees anyway, which is ironic.

While Rupperees are a mainstay of UK basketball many UK fans deny their existence, and many rival fans invent wild conspiracy theories about John Calipari bribing refs before each game.

A portmanteau of "Rupp" (the name of the arena where UK plays home games) and "referee".
Fan: Cousins straight up mugged him inside and no foul?

Other Fan: Dude, they're Rupperees
by Snakes on a Wii March 20, 2010

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Having an opinion.

Mostly used by morons to describe people who disagree with them, as if having an opinion makes one a bad person.
OMG u r so biased!!!!!11one
by Snakes on a Wii September 22, 2009

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