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When you hear the most illogical, dumb, and crazy shit come from a staunchy Liberal, that makes you question if you are sane.
lib-"if you are a conservative or a trump supporter, you are a complete nazi that hates rights of people"
Normal people-"Am I crazy, or am I catching liberalitis."
by Bear00 November 08, 2017
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A political affliction whose primary symptom is a severe head ache when the words "change" "hope" or "unity" are mentioned
Guy #1: Dude, I think I have contracted liberalitis after sitting through the coverage of the DNC.
Guy #2: I hear you, talk about clichΓ©.
by mantalek September 11, 2008
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Having to live paycheck to paycheck because personal interests are more important in he or she's life

Most likely on governmental ad
Artie keeps buying guns and has no money for food or rent he suffers from liberalitis.
by The lonemiller January 25, 2016
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