The epitome of the term "badass." One who can overcome any obstacle while kicking large quantities of ass. Someone who is unstopable.

Considered as the second-coming by some due to his lack of humanly characteristics. This mainly results by the percentage of ass he kicks compared to the times that his ass is kicked (which is none). Against unbeatable odds, he always wins, and kicks ass while he is doing so.

While he is not kicking ass he is typically supporting human and animal rights.
The A-Team: Liam Neeson is seen directing Bradley Cooper in flying a tank.

Liam Neeson goes to Europe and kicks unbelievable ass.

Clash of the Titans:
Liam Neeson plays Zeus.

See any movie featuring Liam Neeson to see for yourself
by isarealgirl June 21, 2010
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The epitome of epic. 62 years old and can still kill everyone in sight without thinking twice. And not bad looking, either. The old guy everyone looks up to. Liam Neeson tops Chuck Norris.

He kicks butt while he kicks butt, and never gets his butt kicked. He is pure Jesus on a stick. Liam Neeson is a gift from God
Ex) Liam Neeson is the most amazing guy on this planet.
by Symbella February 21, 2015
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Robert: hey jimmy give me your lunch money
Jimmy: oh no please I need to eat today
*liam Neeson shows up*
Robert: never mind imma leave
by the coolest kid in school August 20, 2019
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To punch and or chop someone in the throat or neck with the unique skills you have acquired over a long career.

To cause bodily harm to those who have TAKEN things from you.
When I found the people who took my daughter, I Liam Neesoned them into submission.
by Blackest Dragon February 21, 2011
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One of the most badass actors currently in existence. He is currently ranked somewhere between Brad Pitt and Clint Eastwood on the badass scale. Whether it's rescuing ditzy teenage daughters from apeshit albanians, or fighting off fucking wolves in arctic tundra (seriously, who the fuck does that?), Liam Neeson has got your fucking back.
The President: Where is she?! WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?!

Chief of Security: Sir, I'm going to be frank, it doesn't look good. She's currently being held in an albanian mafia base situated in the arctic circle. Intel indicates the albanians have employed a local pack of huge motherfucking wolves as attack dogs.

The President: *shakes head, whispers* Dear god.

Chief of Security: Mr. President, there's only one man we know who could infiltrate the base...

The President: *incredulous* Liam Neeson?! *thinks, hesitates* Make the call.

Chief of Security: *picks up bright red phone, waits for answer* Mr. Neeson, your country needs you.
by prisonlove69 August 27, 2012
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The biggest badass know to man. Known to throat punch and inside knee kick a person from time to time and is never scared to kill a person.
This guy at McDonald's messed up my order so I Liam Neesoned his ass in the throat.
by AsianInvasion23 February 7, 2011
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Someone with a very particular set of skills, skills that make him a nightmare for someone like you.
Guy: 'Hi Liam! What takeout ya want?'

Liam Neeson: 'I will find you KFC and I will get extra garlic sauce'
by Da King Prawn December 27, 2015
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