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One of the most badass actors currently in existence. He is currently ranked somewhere between Brad Pitt and Clint Eastwood on the badass scale. Whether it's rescuing ditzy teenage daughters from apeshit albanians, or fighting off fucking wolves in arctic tundra (seriously, who the fuck does that?), Liam Neeson has got your fucking back.
The President: Where is she?! WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?!

Chief of Security: Sir, I'm going to be frank, it doesn't look good. She's currently being held in an albanian mafia base situated in the arctic circle. Intel indicates the albanians have employed a local pack of huge motherfucking wolves as attack dogs.

The President: *shakes head, whispers* Dear god.

Chief of Security: Mr. President, there's only one man we know who could infiltrate the base...

The President: *incredulous* Liam Neeson?! *thinks, hesitates* Make the call.

Chief of Security: *picks up bright red phone, waits for answer* Mr. Neeson, your country needs you.
by prisonlove69 August 27, 2012
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