.v) To punch or jab in the throat with lightning quick speed and agility, collapsing the airway and causing death within six seconds.

Baby Neeson - .n) a flick to the throat causing a minor inconvenience and/or discomfort.
Down South Neeson - .n) the act of Liam Neesoning someone in the crotch area.
Spectator 1: "Did you see that? That guy just got straight Liam Neesoned!"

Spectator 2: "He's not moving...I think he might be dead."

Spectator 1: "That's because Liam Neeson finishes things."
*See: the film Taken*
by sbj1786 February 15, 2009
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A fatal attack that consists of a hard throat chop (by hand or with a gun) followed sometimes by a headslam against a solid surface. It is not to be used carelessly. Seen in action during the badass movie "Taken", starring Liam Neeson.
Eric: Martin was giving you the stink eye all last night, what was up with him?

Brandon: Well, he was being a mouthy bitch the other day so I had to give him The Liam Neeson.

Eric: I'm surprised he's still breathing.
by LoadedGunn47 November 27, 2010
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to remove a gun from someones hand and proceed to strike them in the neck repeatedly till death or unconsciousness over comes them like a badass
dude did you just The liam neeson him yes i did!!
by n degrees 3 March 10, 2009
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When a person or object is no longer available for a specific use due to someone else taking it first.
Charlie: Dude, who's that ridiculously hot chick over by the bar?
Dennis: That's Kate bro. Don't get your hopes up. She's Liam Neesoned. She's dating Greg.

Mac: Who the hell Liam Neesoned all my sleeveless shirts?
Frank: I think i saw Scumbag Steve rocking your cut offs at his place the other day.
by Rentz2Damhigh October 11, 2012
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when an actor or actress only does revenge movies until they crap themselves off of the a-list
I heard Kiefer Sutherland was considering pulling a liam neeson.
by AdolfHitler69 February 17, 2015
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When you openly admit that you did a bad thing in the past and have matured and learned from it, thinking that people will praise you for maturing, but instead people condemn you for doing that bad thing in the first place.
Liam Neeson admitted to the media that he was racist when he was younger thinking that people would praise him for maturing and growing, but instead he received heavy backlash for being racist in the first place.

Jacob made a post on Reddit about how he used to use gay as an insult in high school but has since matured and learned from his past mistakes and no longer does so. Silly Jacob just made a Liam Neeson Slip, now he's gonna get hate in the comments instead of the praise he was expecting.
by Crondom August 2, 2021
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