A threesome with two fat chicks in which the man lays in bed awaiting sex and a battle ensues between the two fat chicks to see who gets his penis first.
Bob: Hey Joe! How was that threesome last night?
Joe: It never happened Bob. The two girls battled to the death in a Clash of the Titans.
by hurricanhercules April 16, 2010
When two men derive sexual pleasure by rubbing or smacking their penises against each other.
Bob told Chris not to fuck him in the ass, so he turned Bob around and went clash of the titans.
by knowlto November 18, 2004
A man hasn't come in 72 hours, he gets hand from a women/man who has a cold, as he is about to cum he uses a feather or such item like that to make the man/women sneeze and if timing is right, the big cum shot and the big sneeze should clash in the air. hence clash of the titans
Zach has a cold and is give sam hand, zach sneezes when sam cums and both the cum and mucus collide in mid air. They would then have completed clash of the titans.
by El Aido January 27, 2011
Some thing , especially a movie or TV show, that doesn't live up to one's memory i.e "The Clash Of The Titans"
I used to love Welcome Back Kotter when I was little but I had a case of Clash of the Titans Syndrome when I saw one recently ...it really sucked.
by Weinrib September 28, 2009
A rare but highly contagious digitally transmitted disease. It is known to be one of the best birth control methods, as it not only makes the person incapable of impregnating women but is reported to also prevent a man from having sexual intercourse altogether with the opposite gender.
Woman: Let's have seggs!

Man: Bby, first you need to see my Clash of Titans gameplay!

Woman: **Narrowly Escapes**
by Blejing January 26, 2022