4 definitions by Blackest Dragon

To punch and or chop someone in the throat or neck with the unique skills you have acquired over a long career.

To cause bodily harm to those who have TAKEN things from you.
When I found the people who took my daughter, I Liam Neesoned them into submission.
by Blackest Dragon February 21, 2011
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When a person is raped savagely by numerous people in rapid succession, not giving any of the liquid life forced in their system a chance to drain. Causing a flood of man butter to backup and pool inside their body, before it escapes through another orifice.
Most hentai sex scenes end with internal flooding as the school girl is violated by numerous tentacles.
by Blackest Dragon October 12, 2013
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When a group of black males witnesses one of their own drop for any number of reasons. Be it they get knocked out, trip and fall, can't handle their alcohol and tip over, or if they are dancing and their hubris gets the better of them causing them to trip themselves up.

The level and intensity of the call out is based on the circumstances of them falling and how hard they hit the ground.
As Jamal was dancing with his bride at his wedding, he tried to pull off a move he saw in a movie. As he fell he knocked over his bride and mother in law. Before laughing Brian hollered "BLACK HAWK DOWN" to get the parties attention to Jamal's epic fail.
by Blackest Dragon January 14, 2015
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White pants are a sign of surrender, much like a white flag. A person wearing white pants is signaling to everyone that they are surrendering their butt, for anal plundering and exploration.
She wore white pants for the first time to signal to her bf she was anally surrendering to him.
by Blackest Dragon April 22, 2015
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