Hot guy with green or blue eyes, blond hair, medium or tall and full of himself. He's the type of guy every girl wants to get with.. But has many faults. Short tempered but, different around the girls he likes.
Miranda: OMG. i just hooked up with the hottest guy at this party!
Jennifer: really? me too!
Miranda: whats his name?
Jennifer: Levi.
Miranda: you bitch. I hooked up with levi too!
by Onlythetruth4u February 21, 2011
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An American clothing company founded in the 1850's known for its brand of denim jeans. Originally worn by miners, cowboys, bikers, greasers, and other rugged types. Levi's was a high grade quality brand that you could work and look good in at the same time. More recently, Levi's was the clothing of choice for the working man, counterculture groups (punks, metalheads, and rockabillies), or for those that didn't want to follow trends. However, all that changed as Levi's became more mainstream and "trendy". Levi's now caters to different groups and is now the brand worn by douchebags, hipsters, and swagfags. The quality of Levi's has really gone down hill as their materials are very thin and no two pants fit the same. In addition, their prices have skyrocketed. Levi's even started making mediocre fits and styes such as 511 skinny jeans and even silver colored denim. Now all there styles, whether skinny or not, feel more tight around the legs and crotch and aren't very durable.
Couple years ago only working men and rockers wore Levi's.... now everybody is wearing them.

What's up with all these hipsters and swagfags wearing Levi's, thats not even your style.

by iwantmyoldlevis February 10, 2013
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Levi is a very attrative person and name. What i've experienced is that Levi has a huge penis.
I was walking down the street and saw a person. I asked him what his name was and it was Levi. I gave him a hug but when I gave him a hug I felt a tree hit me. but it wasn't actually a tree it was his....... well you know what it was. And since he had that huge thing, I went out with him.
by whopper mac February 11, 2010
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A guy that's really awesome!!!
one of the coolest people on the earth.
levi rocks!!!

levi kicks ass!!!
by MorbidMolly January 25, 2005
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Levis are ridiculously good looking, tall, and muscular in a natural, un-juiced way. Levi is one of the sexiest-looking guys you will ever meet, and most likely rocks long blonde locks and could make a living as a model or porn star (which I will expound upon later). Most likely a blue-collar type dude who loves tools and does some form of construction for a living. Levis are athletic as hell and are into nature and building things and and are outdoorsy, and are most likely a country boys from big families. When you meet a Levi you will be instantly charmed and you will probably never forget him. Levis are very funny and happy and charming at first, but they typically show a dark side once you get to know them a little bit better. Levis may say things that make you feel really bad when they smoke a little ganja, and that dark Levi side will start to emerge. Levis are the best fucks ever, hands down, no contest. A Levi will have you squirting loads all over the place, and will perform/suggest many fun but rough acts in the bedroom, including but not limited to; choking you, buttsex, peeing on you, destroying your tits, pulling your hair, and may even threaten to kill you or make some kind of plaster cast of your body after sex. This may leave you with strange feelings about Levi, but deep down you know that you want more.
That Levi is a sick twisted mofo! But he's so flipping hot.

Why isn't that Levi a pornstar?
by ~TheHeadOfPamelaAnderson~ April 16, 2013
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Levi is a sweet guy who deserves everything. He is really tall with brown curly hair and freckles on both cheeks. He says dude, bro, and yo a lot, almost too much. He can be really funny even when he's not trying to be.
Levi is so cool.
I'm so sorry, Levi.
by (***AnonymouslyAnonymous***) December 07, 2018
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Levi is pretty much the greatest person ever...go levi
person1:hey levi..you kik ass
Me:I KNOW!!!!
by LeviKixMyAss May 08, 2005
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