The beat of the music at raves. (I.E. The beat in the bass)

Also for dirty music, and house music. Anything with a loud bass and a good beat.
Boy: This rave is stellar

Girl: Yeah! It's like nce nce nce nce.
All you NCEs deserve a raise! Hiring standards be damned!
by Eugene Fraxby July 12, 2015
Initialism for "no chance EH?"

A response to any direct statement that something will not occur. Used for comedic affect, but essentially to highlight the fact that there are very few certainties in life, and you can hardly ever be 100% sure of anything. And to generally take someone down a peg or two.
: I just spent £39 on a new HDMI adapter, there is no way This one is going to fail.

: ncE
by L.T.L January 28, 2011
A great exam to reinforce both stigma and eminent domain with exclusionary logic in the behavioral health field.
I am studying for my NCE exam- it's great to have such a great career and family!
by nobodycaresaboutthisguy November 16, 2019