St. Matthew's real name before he was called to join christ.

see Matthew 9:9
Jesus went to a tax collector named Levi and asked him to follow him. Levi changed his name to Matthew and Left everything behind
by Wiggity Wack April 02, 2004
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A pale albino child found in the northern regions of canada. These strange creatures migrate every two months into peoples basements to play world of warcraft. These creatures suffer from vampire like symptoms in which they burn up when under direct sun light.Strangely enough, only one of the creatures testicles drop in it's lifetime, giving it a weird highpitched voice.
Oh my god, when I got home from work,
there were several Levi huddled around the the computer playing world of warcraft, luckily my name is Zin, and the Levi fled instantly.
by OBou September 11, 2008
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A beautiful loving being. A flirt. Amazing intricate death metal guitar player. So funny, just makes fun of everything with the psychedelic insight of life's joke. Known for his silly flamboyant ways, being tall and sexy, beautiful long curly hair, telling stories.
Levi wearing a feminin scarf, flicking his hair, telling me about his upcoming show and the girl he just met.
by critterlove November 25, 2010
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A small, shaved homosexual ape who migrates to Canada once a year. While it is there, it goes on the prowl for women, men and possibly bears to 'play' with, but instead gets rejected each time.
Trent,"I went skiing in Canada, and I got attacked by a wild Levi!"
Nick, "did it bite you?
Trent,"No, it wanted Jim Beam and to get a care package, but I leviid it and it left"
by AndoSTC4ever November 22, 2010
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Meme God. No one even comes close. His memes make you tingly inside.
"Levi showed me this meme and it was so hot!"
by lolonuhugfsevg May 31, 2017
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a girl who is gorgeous and very intelligent she gets along with most people but dont take shit from no one
dayyymmm that levii is hothothot
by lllllevvvvvviiiiiii June 30, 2009
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