An amazing person.thinks of the posisitive in life. can make anyone smile.never frowns. very handsome. can get any girl.typically is very tall, slender, has curly dirty blonde hair, dresses in whatever is in the closet. favorite color is usually blue. someone everyone one loves. very athletic and competitive.very sexy. extremely smart.and typically falls in love with ashley's
Everyone: Wow, Levi your just Amazing!
by Jimmycocks March 04, 2012
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very sexy; what else is there to say.
you look so levi today
by ease. April 30, 2005
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A boy that is really good looking. Charms females with his kindness and humor. Incredibly cute. Has good fashion sense. Very honest. Faithful. Everything a female could ask for and very confident.
"He is so beautiful and he's just the whole package, he's definitely a Levis!.
by georgeio February 17, 2012
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Loving, beautiful, handsome, great, awsome, someone you can depend on
Levi is someone everyone should meet!
by Lesa Peterson March 28, 2005
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Jeans, made by the company started by Levi Strauss. Originally hard-wearing work trousers made for gold-rush prospectors, the label shows two horses unable to tear the legs of a pair apart.

That's probably quite true cos two horses, who know each other, won't pull very hard when they each know that they're only tied to their friend. This was a good trick to make it appear that anything was very strong. Tie one horse to a pair of Levi's, and tied the other leg to a tree, then watch the bastards rip!
Anybody want to buy my old Levi's? You could easily sew them back together.
by nit-pick February 09, 2004
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