forcing somebody to do a work with no money or much lower payroll .
I'm choking you because you are my prisoner .
by behzad.naseri January 22, 2011
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when someone needs to be handled
when you can't stand someone
a way of dominating someone before they domanate you
megan: CHOKE YOU
by Meolie March 22, 2003
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watching tv or movies with a roku and having bdsm sex at the same time, pretty similar to Netflix and chill, blockbuster and cockthruster,amazon prime and sexy time.
hey, babe wanna come over and have some Roku and choke you time?
by beansoup23 May 13, 2018
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A threatening statement that is so profoundly impossible that it will both amuse, confuse and terrify its recipient.
If you make that annoying noise again, "I will choke you with your own asshole!!!"
by asshole choker March 25, 2010
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Another term for "you suck", it means to choke on a cock, not just suck it.
Dude! You choke at this fucking game.
by Sean McAlevey June 13, 2008
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Helpful advice to give, in the event of someone farting loudly, in public.

1. Refers to 20th Century cars, where the "choke" would give more gas to the acceleration
2. Best delivered using an Australian accent
Scene: Very quiet, contemplative, fine art museum moment. While gazing thoughtfully at Monet's lilies in their pond, large Marge lets rip with a loud, egg-tinged room emptier. A Helpful Gentleman suggests: "Little more choke and you would've started luv!"
by EuroDingo_Word November 21, 2009
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