(v.) to find transcendent contentment through art.
-- "Man, everything sucks. My shitty job, worrying about loosing my shitty job, never having enough money, there’s never anything to do even if I did have enough money. And don’t get me started on the government: Republicans, Democrats, Donald Trump — like there’s a difference. They’re all dicks who think we’re all idiots. And you know what? We are idiots. Who else but an idiot would put up with all this sub-mental, rip-off bullshit? I swear, I can’t take it no more. It’s clocktower time."

-- "Chill, son. You need to get your art on. Slide over to the museum, soak up some Mondrian and Miro. Or school up on an instrument like Louis Badass Armstrong’s choice of expression: the trumpet. Get a girl; waltz her honey ass to a dance class. Or maybe channel your hang-up’s and screw-up’s into a play, off-Broadway style. Don’t look back in anger, man. Know’m saying? Let loose.”
by sophie abrahams March 9, 2011
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1. Acting on impulse.
2. Momentarily breaking social rules and restrictions.
3. Flying by the seat of your pants, without regard to other's perception of you behavior.
4. Relaxing one's socially-imposed behavioral structure.
She had been studying for months and needed to LET LOOSE. She suddenly ripped her clothes off and jumped in the pool.
by USlatin July 9, 2011
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1) unleashing a massive fart
2)unwinding and kicking back
3) unleashing a massive beatdown (see Ass Whooping, Dealt with, Put hands on, Beat TF up)
1: Damn who the fuQ let loose in here it smells like ass?
2: Man just Chill my house is your house let loose and enjoy your vacation

3: Did you see Quiet Tammy when she let loose on Juanita? Who know she could let loose like that?
by Galehart Popwell March 24, 2023
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The act of revealing you're genitals and shaft to perform in any sexual activity.
Boyfriend: "hey babe I'm gonna go.
Girlfriend: "why?"
Boyfriend: "I'm gonna go let loose the moose."
"As the young lonely man was sitting in his basement he thought to himself, "now with mom and dad asleep I can let loose the moose."
by RESTERONER October 14, 2009
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a saying for when you either jack off and cum or is about to jack off and cum.
When I was walking home from school and I didnt jerk off for like seven days I thought to myself, I cant wait to "let loose the man juice" when I get home.
by pimp daddy dollars March 12, 2005
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1. To let go of a weight or one/several thoughts that had been bothering you.
Guy 1 - Something happened, and I can't hold it anymore.
Guy 2- Just let it loose, bro.
Guy 1 - Oh thank you man, my girlfriend cheated on me...
by Tarinickles August 11, 2017
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The decision to engage in an activity in a harsh, relentless manner, in the pursuit of creating epic situations or results.
To embark on an adventurous journey usually involving drinking and debauchery with no regard to restraint.
Sometimes used in reference to a male summoning all of his game in order to entice a lady into joining his company.

This phrase was coined by a small group of appropriately barbaric Air Force Tactical Air Control Party members searching for a way to verbalize the calculated ferocity in which they approach situations and life in general.
You boys ready to let the hogs loose?
We're gonna let the hogs loose on this one.
The flow is impeccable (referencing a comb-over near perfection), I'm about to let the hogs loose.
She's out of his league but he's lettin' the hogs loose.
by standardOps January 8, 2019
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