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Leon is very common male name. A Leon is usually tall and cute, he has to wear a paper bag to stop all the boys and girls to touch his abs. He is a very reliable boyfriend but is shy when in public. Some say that Leon is a very great kisser. He's amazing in bed and would give you head every morning. He is also a lightweight. Leon is very awkward when meeting people, but once he warms up to you, he can be very extreme. Oh and he has a huge dick.
Girl 1: So how was last night?
Guy 1: It was amazing, he even gave me head this morning.
Girl 2: Wow sounds like a Leon to me!
by RandomDefinitionWriter December 16, 2018
Leon is very common male name. Leon is adorable at times and hot at some times, he looks so hot and cute that he can't even step a foot outside without guys and girls coming up to him and touching his abs. He sometimes looks very lost and would stare off into space. Leon isn't the type to think before speaking. Some say that a Leon is amazing at kissing and gives the greatest head. Leon is also very clumsy, he can trip on air at the most random time. He's got a big dick too.
Girl 1: Who is that cute looking guy over there?
Girl 2: The one that just tripped?
Girl 1: Yeah, he looks really cute.
Girl 2: Oh he looks like a total Leon
by RandomDefinitionWriter December 17, 2018