A hair doo made after wearing a helmet. Similar to bed head but usually messier.
You see that bikers hair style, it's genuwine Helmet Head.
by Soldier4Higher January 16, 2007
A hair cut that forms a perfect "helmet" shape around the head itself. Many times this can be accomplished by a horrible haircut and lack of caring in the morning tossed with a side of being a boner. This non-trendy look is usually seen on people with the name "Mike".
"Man, Mike walked in this morning with some crazy helmet head! Die it pink and he'd look like a penis!!"
by TweederBSU November 14, 2007
a head that is surrounded by a shit trim in the shape of a helmet. this person would most likely be able to take a serious knock to the head without injury.
far out, look at sainty's helmet head.
by ChUcKa- March 28, 2021
A mental handicapped person (or window licker ). They wear bright luminous crash helmets so they are easily recognisable and do not stray too far from their spaz wagon. Helmet also helps in event of multiple spasms, fits or collisions with lamp posts.
"Hey Johnny, look at those helmet heads chasing the ducks."
by mtotheo November 7, 2003
Hey, if you promise not to tell my wife, I'll give you nice helmet head!
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
"I will find my helmet"

"Please do so you can still give me head"
"I will find my helmet"

"Please do so you can still give me head"
"Very Helmet-headed of you"
by ThisIsMeHelloLookAtMe December 15, 2022