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A great person who is always there to talk to no matter what... one major kick booty girl...
I can trust Lenna with anything
by uncle joe November 12, 2003
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A girl who is always nice and will give you multiple chances before she gives up on you.
If you ever meet a Lenna don't let her go and don't mess it up she will care for you until you become a childish awhole.
Can be basic at times. Probably loves Taylor Swift
Wow, I messed up good thing Lenna will forgive me.
by Yssisih October 28, 2018
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Lenna is a name of a girl who is sweet and cares for other people and animals. Lenna is great with animals especially dogs. Lennas always have jokes that make you laughter even when you are feeling sad. When you have a lenna in your life don't let her go ever and never break her sweet heart because she is the strongest person ever and she will get over it but will you?
Lenna is a smart, strong, independent, and a great companion
by Syhejskgsnjd July 11, 2018
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Lenna is the shortened version of Helena or Magdalena, it is the girl version of Leo. Lots of girls named Lenna might have a Leo horoscope, making them feisty, lovable and popular.
That girl is totally a Lenna!
by ksdjfkcw February 05, 2019
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She is caring and loves dogs/rex.
She gets mad a lot but dont fear shes nice deep down her heart.
She says she doesnt like a boy, but she will like him soon enough.

Advice: Dont get mad a lot but also u are awesome sometimes!
lenna is a girl super nice and caring but gets mad a lot
by bubblegummasupercoo March 27, 2019
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a girl who's jokes are dirty af and she will suck the soul out of you.
Hey dude Watch out for that Lenna she'll make you bust in a second.
by deepthroatingdaddy May 29, 2017
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