A girl who is hard to get. She doesnt trust or fall in love quite easily. Shes a strong independent girl who is always caring to others. Shes always laughing & smiling. She loves everyone & all she wants in return is someone to love her back. She isnt a complicated girl, & any guy would be lucky to be with her. Shes very understanding & gives great advice. She is always looking to have a great time, & can be the life of the party.Her inner beauty is great as well as her outer beauty along with her flowing hair. Everyday with her is a new adventure. With her, you may never know everything about her. She’s a mystery that youll always want more. Her personality is one of a kind. You must becareful because she has a soft heart, yet disguises it very well. When she’s down, you won’t be able to tell, but if you can, let her know that things will be okay, & she’ll brighten up. She’ll give you a hug everytime she sees you, & with each hug, you know what a great friend you have. She’s the sexiest person, she is tricky though she puts up a wall and its strong so no one can knock it down. she is strong, independent is a bitch to assholes and when someone pisses her of she goes full on bitch mode and will get the best comebacks every boy wants to date her her friends are all jealous of her body and beauty.
Any guy would die to have a Magdalena
by Lover nandez March 31, 2018
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A girl that doesn't trust or fall too easily, she has amazing eyes and loves to meet new people she hides her insecurities but little does she know she is amazingly beautiful inside and out , her Prince Charming is with her all night .magdalena is funny and talented
I want a Magdalena now
by Billnyethescienceguy45 March 14, 2017
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The most caring soul out there, and the most amazing best friend you can ever ask for.
Though she has a sharp tongue at times, she will never say something other than the truth.
The most honest and caring person you can ever find. Beautiful and hilarious, Magdalena's the perfect other half.
by chocobuns August 29, 2017
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A very attractive girl, who is very sweet to everyone she meets and always knows how to make a person laugh; someone who all of the guys are madly in love with; everyone wants to be her friend; thick asf; the perfect girl.
Damn, did you see Magdalena today?” “Magdalena has all the guys.”
by Taylor Jessica May 29, 2019
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The most beautiful girl in the world!!! She is pretty, intelligent and creative. All the boys try to hit on her, especially Michaels but she isn't that easy. She's on the first look hard to be friends with, but after while you'll see the good in her. She's not easy- she's hard to get. She can be the person you always go to for advice, not help because she might be occasionally quite lazy.
Boy 1: Are you friends with Magdalena?
Michael: No... I tried to flirt with her but she's so beautiful and hard to get.
by vendredisurmer May 25, 2019
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Mag-duh-lay-nuh - (noun). Origin: Magnanimus Pius (Polish, meaning "thieving magpie").
1. A girl who either steals your heart away like a thieving magpie would a shiny object or who resembles the small black-and-white bird in appearance.
2. Often used to describe the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. Can also be used to describe the most beautiful black-and-white bird you've ever seen.
3. "Rare beauty"... in bird-watchers' terms.

Synonyms: Magpie, Pie, foxy-lady, stone-fox
"Why are you drooling?" "I've just seen a Magdalena."

by Alex2010 August 31, 2006
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Is a girl who is sophisticated, gorgeous and down to earth. A Magdalena is a person who is a modern hippie, loves the beach and hitting bongs. You can find her dancing in the rain.
"wow did you see that sunset!?"

"yeah thats a Magdalena."
by anonymous but sure February 5, 2010
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