the only normal school in the whole district. we kick ass. our juniors build character walking a mile to school. our roaches can beat the crap out of your roaches. you all wish you had mary jane in the office. shes freakin awesome. we may be decrepid and old, but weve got pride. so you shawnee snobs can go play by yourself. you seneca people can go farm. you cherokee people can.....go away. why do you think the districts named after us? you probably dont even have a crew team.
Roach: "hey man, this is our classroom"
Student: "What?"
Roach: "thats right get out or i cut you. i cut you so wish i no cut you so bad"

bassass roaches at lenape
by we wear our collars up March 23, 2005
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Short for Lenni Lenape or Leni Lenape also referred to as The Delaware Indians for the River Valley they lived around. Leni Lenape means Real Men or true people in the alqonquin language. The indigenous people who inhabited the region of present day areas known as Southeastern Pennsylvania, North to New York including New York City and all of New Jersey including part of Northern Delaware. Large groups of Lenape descendents are located in parts of Canada, and Oklahoma, namely Anadarko and Bartlesville. They have three clans: Turtle, Turkey and Wolf.
That Lenape makes nice beadwork and turtle shell rattles.
Have you been to the new Lenape Casino in 'Darko? It's bangin'!
by unami August 22, 2006
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High School in which teachers get arrested for smoking weed with students, and where the clocks and bells do not function at all. Also location of "Lenape Standard Time" which is always 10:05.
by n1m00 September 01, 2003
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The only middle school where eighth graders constantly try to fuck sevies in the bathroom. Students get kicked out for smoking weed, and everyone’s grades are dropping faster than freshman thots drop on the dance floor. The students are constantly tired and hate this place more than life. Teachers don’t teach, and kids watch porn on the laptops.
“God lenape is such a shit hole

“Yeah it looks like a fucking prison
by 12345668901010 April 18, 2019
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A high school in Medford, NJ, in which students are from Mt. Laurel, NJ. Any true Lenape Indian would recognize: -the constant renevations, year round, every year, -Mary Jane, -the pipe in the school insignia, -you've seen atleast one cockroach or mouse, dead or alive, each semester, -expierenced, or had a friend smoking weed on campus, probably in a bathroom, -the notoriously shitty football team, -the amount of time it takes to exit the parking lots, -the underground walkway, -atleast one hall has no roof through out the year, -you've seen the roof cave in or leak, -the stupid freshmen whores, -our school newspaper is the Smoke Signal, and tried to find the correlation on how this relates to school, except for weed, -the ridiculously random music, -have skipped one class, every day, all year, and didnt get caught, -have had your spring break removed, -you know the quarky remarks of Mrs. Linda Hammond, whether you know who she is or isnt, -you know that Cheroke kids are just straight up fucktards, -you know of Mr. Ladley, know hes funny, but dont know him -Have experienced atleast 2 bomb threats, -you know that the book isles in the media center are useless, and are never used, -any presentation by the librarians, gets them off, and they rant for the full period, -have found that detention is pretty fun
Lenape High School is a place where no student tries, but passes, and spends their time conmplating the next time they're going to smoke a bowl with some friends they've never met before..
by LenapeHighSchoolAdmin March 14, 2010
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The shittiest school you'll ever find. The girls are whores and the guys are dicks. There are bugs everywhere, including mice.Most of the teachers don't want to be there and they're assholes about it. You don't try, but yet you pass anyway. People smoke in the bathrooms and don't get caught. Teachers smoke weed with students and get fired. Teachers look at porn during school(most of the teachers are creeps). The bus drivers are pedophiles, and the cops don't give a shit. The cliques include : pot heads, prudes, nerds, sluts, black people, and a few chill people. The roofs are always breaking and the school is too poor to fix it. During the summer it gets hot as hell, and you'll probably die of a heat stroke. Most students don't give a shit and just go to get it over with.
Boy: Yo, what school do you go to?
Girl: Lenape High School
Boy: Damn, that's beat!
by IM THE CHILL ONE February 24, 2011
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Located in doylestown, PA, lenape is by far the best middle school in central bucks. Were not like the hollister-wearing, lax-bro-wanna-be posers from holicong or the retarded thugs from unami. Were right next to town so youll always see lenape kids hanging out at burpee or getting a pretzel at ATOP (A Taste Of Philly). We dont feel the need to strut around town in huge mobs on first friday like tohickoners jealous of our proximity to town. Lenape is a chill place with pretty chill teachers. Lenape=awesomeness.
Hey you go to lenape middle school?

Yeah man!

Lucky! I go to Holicong it blows!
by Ilovesimsss June 07, 2011
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