About 45 mins or an hour passed stated start time.

In the event that, a Haitian event is being thrown (Birthday party, Wedding, Church, etc...) it is normal for participants to arrive 45 mins to an hour late.

This was derived from EST (Eastern Standard Time) and adding 45 mins to an hour for late-ness

Party start time is suppose to be 4pm, Haitians arrive at 4:45 or 5pm because they run on HST.
Person 1: Dang! Church started and there's only 4 people in the audience!

Person 2: Yeah, dats that HST for ya!

Person 1: What?!

Person 2: HST, you know, Haitian Standard Time

Person 1: Lol!
by Coicou August 1, 2011
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(alias G.S.T) Ghanaians throwing parties and everyone shows up 1-4 hours after a party has started.
Felicia: "My party started 3 hours ago where's everyone?"
Peter: "You know how Ghanaian Standard Time works!"
by sazzlefrazzle December 10, 2005
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A timezone imagined by those of Indian Subcontinental descent, resulting in a time from 30 minutes to 3 hours past the actual time. Although DST may not be specified by a desi, one must assume this difference and add to the promised time accordingly.
Jane: "What time will you be over for dinner?"
Jaspreet: "6 or so." (desi standard time)
Jane: "Okay, I'll have things ready at 8:30 for you."
by Lotsofgoats July 21, 2010
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Giving an early time because you know everyone is going to be late anyways...
I told them to be there at 10 Mexican Standard Time because they are always an hour late and the soiree actually starts at 11.
by kosmik85 June 27, 2009
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The difference between real time and the time a female perceives it to be. This is generally estimated by adding 15 minutes per female involved, up to 4 females (1 hour).
Female: I'm going to see a movie with my 2 friends, so I should be home by 9.

Accounting for Female Standard Time, she should arrive home around 9:45.
by Spud05 October 23, 2011
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Shruti Standard Time (SST)

1. When you arrive 30 minutes after the promised appointment time and keep everybody else waiting.
2. When you say "ok let's go" when everybody is actually waiting for you.
Anoka: It's 6 o'clock, where is everybody?
Albert: LOL don't you know? It's Shruti Standard Time! You're supposed to come at 6:30!
by nirvana1221 November 17, 2019
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The time zone used by blacks anytime there is a scheduled event their time is always going to be 30 min to an hour after the scheduled start time of the event
a football game starts at 8pm blacks are going to use Negro Standard Time (NST)and be there at 8:30-9:00
by RobertMH January 15, 2008