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Holicong is well-known for being a rich kid school. I can tell you that that is mostly true.

Somehow, although everyone lives within a mile of a cornfield and there are only 7 African American kids in the student body at any given time, many of the students are under the impression that they are "gangsta". They are just deluding themselves. Common hobbies are coming to school high and sexual harassment.

As is common with many other older schools, the architect probably never considered that the school would eventually have so many students (approx. 1,200). I'll leave it at that.

To describe the teachers, a group of them made 1/3 of the 8th grade do a flashmob in front of the rest of the school. This was mandatory, and practices were during Resource/Study Hall.

Even a rich-kid school can be cheap. Holicong dropped German and anything computer-related. Everyone knows that the beloved French teacher will be going next. Every student loves Madame. No exceptions.

Every single computer is crap. True, at least we have them, but what good are they when you can hardly do anything with them?

If you're in 8th grade, your life is Hell and you could end up having P.E. at about 7:45 in the morning because apparently that's ethical.

Homophobia and racism are everywhere. Somehow people think we're diverse. No.

In conclusion, we suck, no matter how much anyone wants to argue otherwise.
Typical Holicong Conversation:

Kid 1: I hate Art.

Kid 2: So do I! I hate this school so much because, seriously, who needs education when you have swag?
by go_away420 August 07, 2012
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