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Someone who is sexist. If you ever encounter this type of person call them 'Lemon Man.' The Lemon Man saga is also a heartfelt story that should be read by many.
Person1: women shouldn't be allowed to be CEO. They'll just pain their nails all day.

Person2: Listen Lemon Man. Women are amazing and can go through anything we put our mind to. Please keep your gender roles to yourself.
by TeaTimeAe July 21, 2017
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An outside source (usually an individual) used to pick/manage the lemons on a farm or a stand of some sort. Lemon men usually work alone and the career itself has been rumored to have an annual income of around twenty thousand dollars a year.
Guy 1: Hey man wanna come get some lemons with me at the super market?

Guy 2: Oh they're out. I checked yesterday. You should go to the lemon man.

Guy 1: Awesome, thanks dude.
by LOO1123 April 30, 2011
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