Noun. A person holding an attitude or philosophy in opposition to some or all feminist philosophy. Like feminism, this can describe a broad range of ideas, which we shall attempt to divide into 3 groupings.

Type 1) Egalitarian Anti-feminist. A person who believes in equality between sexes, but does not believe that Feminist philosophy shares those ideals. A person who objects to the idea that females are inherently superior.

Type 2) Natural Anti-feminist. A person who believes that the sexes are divided into various areas of competence, either by God or by nature, and that when a person of one sex steps outside the role of their designated sex, it results in either unhappiness or negative productivity.

Type 3) Misogynistic Anti-feminist. One who believes that women are inferior and ought to be under the leadership of or in service to males.
1) Upon seeing a bumper sticker that states "End violence against women!", a Type 1) Egalitarian Anti-feminist might think: "Why JUST women? Why not end violence altogether? Why should men be of lesser value?"

2)Upon seeing a bumper sticker that states "End violence against women!", a Type 2) Natural Anti-feminist might think:

"Yes. That is among the proper roles of a male; to protect and defend women. Women are not as biologically equipped to do that, and they need men for that purpose"

3) Upon seeing a bumper sticker that states "End violence against women!", a Type 3) Misogynist Anti-feminist might think:

"No. If you don't beat women from time to time, they get uppity. Women don't respect men who will not conquer them; that is why women go back to spouse abusers, but cuckold simps."
by Shadeseeker July 22, 2020
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Someone with a brain understanding that feminism is not for equqlity and therefore instead of being mysogenistic, he wants to stop feminism.
by Ayourmomhot January 30, 2022
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A person who, despite knowing that:

-women would not be able to vote if it wasn't for feminism
-women would not be able to go to school if it wasn't for feminism
-women would not even be literate if it wasn't for feminism

still rejects feminism altogether, because of some petty thing that a modern feminist said.
Crazy Modern Feminist: "Rawr, I am a feminist! Men are all pigs!"
Anti-feminist: "Wow if that's what feminism is, I am against it."
Me: "Wait, no just because that crazy lady calls herself a feminist, doesn't mean that that is what feminism is! You shouldn't shit on the movement all together, because in reality feminism is much more chill and rational. If it wasn't for feminism me and your mom and your future daughters wouldn't even be able to go to college. I really hope you read some history books and reconsider for the sake of humanity."
by TeaPlease December 27, 2017
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Some one who's is thinking a feminist is wrong for making a wierd argument (and is right)
He is a anti-feminist because he thinks that men spreading is weird
by F feminist December 19, 2019
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Someone who regards the human race as a line of Barbie and Ken dolls. Any man or woman who doesn't fit the model of a Barbie or a Ken is deemed defective. (Unfeminine women are accused of "trying to be men," un-masculine men are deemed "pussies" or "fags," etc.) The anti feminist blames feminism for the fact that the sexes don't look like the cast of "Leave it to Beaver" or "Happy Days," assuming that tomboys, career women, homosexuals, and nerds never existed before the women's lib movement of the 1960s came along and "destroyed femininity/masculinity."
"Don't tell Ms. Wilson that you're going back to work after your kid's born. She's an anti feminist."
by The Chickens Are Revolting December 22, 2014
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A person who defends the rights of men, or a person who has an extreme dislike of feminists. Usually a conservative. See also: chauvinist pig, asshole, Sarah Palin.
Man #1: Man I hate feminists all they do is bitch, I mean wtf get a life whores

Woman #1: I totally agree and I voted for Sarah Palin in the 2008 election cause she wants to take away my rights!

Normal People: Shut the fuck up, stop being an anti feminist douchebag
by Kirenza May 27, 2009
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An anti-feminist is someone against the feminist movement, at any given wave. In colloquial terms, it refers to someone against the 3rd or 4th wave of feminism, which hold Marxist identity policies close to the core of their movement. Common arguments against feminism thrown by these new, egalitarian anti-feminists are the following:

* Social Justice "Warrior-ing" - The propagation of censorship and the lack of politically incorrect or possibly offensive discussion.

* Identity politics - A political sect that debates whether one can be superior or more worthy based solely off of race, gender, or religion.

* General disagreement with the core values of the movement - Most anti-feminists believe the movement has diverged into a left-leaning political weapon that doesn't attempt equality and pushes for a system of matriarchal oppression.
Then there are the 2nd and 1st wave anti-feminists. They are classified as a non-egalitarian anti-feminist. The common argument to be against the feminist movement in general is usually "women are lesser". For those against only the second movement, it may be "women have different roles in life".
"Jim, you're an anti-feminist, aren't you?"
"Nope, I'm a Marxist!"
by The Rebunker March 22, 2021
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