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A challenge to fight, not quite a call to war.
Come get some, my fo fo is itching to make love to your body.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
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When you want the fat lard to come get some dinner. You invite Tina to get some ham, hoping she will gratefully accept the invitation.
Luke: "Hey Tina come get some ham!"
Tina: " mmmm... ham, I am a fat lard."
by JohnnyEye January 24, 2018
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To challenge -- synonyms: "You wanna fight?", "You wanna step?", etc

Sarasota County redneck slang. Commonly used with "son," "you don't want none" and "story time"
"Oh, whatever, I can beat your ass any day."

"Yeah, son? Come get you some."
by f_ckingpassive September 11, 2003
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