This word refers to a loner
You lazz ( You Loner )
On your lazz ( On your own )
by Josh June 30, 2004
Short for the word Lazzard.
Meaning one who doesn't take shit from anybody. The word can be used to replace inappropriate language.
Lazz off.
You can go and get Lazzard.
I'll be Lazzard before I let anything like that happen.
by Onehope April 23, 2003
A highly accomplished IT Professional and informed speaker on current affairs. Also a person known to agree with r055.
"With a bit of luck, our son will grow up to be a Lazz and we can retire early"
by Matthew Daniels April 23, 2003
If his name is lazz then he took yo bitch to the movies. 😂
Lazz took your bitch to the movies.
by Playboilazz January 10, 2018
A smear on the side of a toilet bowl created by a particularly greasy turd that refuses to be flushed away.
"Oh god, I have to change my diet, it took me 5 minutes to scrub that lazz off the bowl!"
by Boingo Bob April 21, 2003
when someone orders a piece of custom made music gear and gets screwed by the builder.
"Man you seriously got lazzed on that beta lead preamp."

"My custom guitar was such a piece of shit, I totally got lazzed"
by bassdude666 November 30, 2012