1) A great name to call a friend who intentionally avoids social interaction, sports, or anything else involving physical or mental exertion.

2) Like a street bum, only lazier. The kind of bum you wouldn't mind harassing just for kicks.

3) Someone who manipulates younger peers and/or acquaintances in order to accomplish minor tasks.
Mike: Why don't you come outside and shoot some hoops with me, John?
John: Sorry dude, I want to level up on Rune Scape. Maybe later.
Mike: Gawd, you lazy bum -- get off you're ass and get some exercise!

---65% of every bum is a lazy bum.
by Uber Jackball October 7, 2006
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Most Common birthday of this wild species: 17th February.

Names vary but have known to have started with the letters Z or S and end with N or A.

Height range of this creature: 4’7-5’1

This creature has been found to be the middle child of the family in numerous occasions in historical records

Frequently seen as a 12/10

Has very substantial anger issues due to multiple reasons unknown to historians.

Has genetic links to the famous child’s cartoon ‘Teletubbies’ characters. How usual.
The Lazy Bum was too lazy to get out of bed
by 0456 May 23, 2022
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1) A great name to call a friend who intentionally sleeps all day, doesnt change out of pjs till the afternoon, takes hours to text back, and basically does nothing all day
Wow have you guys heard about that girl Brittany Morgan? I heard is a lazy bum, all she does is sleep all day long.
by MM7 October 26, 2009
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an adult who is triefling, and does nothing but sit around9no job) all day with his/her peeps and plays video games; also still lives at home with his/her parents
My older brother is 29, he still lives with us and doesn't have a job. Therefor he is a lazy bum.
by DANIA August 29, 2004
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When a person doesn't do shit but go to the Huddle House at 2 o'clock in the mo or sleeps instead of going to class.
Beth, Jessie, and Christina are lazy bum asses.
by Jessie and Christina November 18, 2008
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