too laz to say the "y"
Guy 1- "are you going to do your homework tonight."

Guy 2- "Nah, too laz"
by cameron cooley June 6, 2006
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named after famous naugatuck citizen joe laz. To drink so much booze in a short time that your blackout lasts over 12 hours.
guy 1 "So I totally pulled a joe laz last night."
guy 2 "Good god how much you drink?"

guy 1 "It got blurry after carbomb number 9"
by juan pablo jocha February 28, 2010
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When a person experiences technical difficulties and has no idea what causes them. These difficulties or broken appliances are usually brought about by the very same person experiencing them.
When your friend complains that their computer keeps disconnecting from their wireless network, thats a LaZ Type Woe. When your friend complains that their Maxtor Hard Drive has crashed, thats said they are experiencing LaZ Type Woes.
by Actuarish May 18, 2006
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Also known as "little Florencia". This neighborhood is where Mexican residents of Florencia de Benito Juarez, Zacatecas, Mexico live. It completes a scene from Florencia with the soccer field and the little Mexican store right next to the neighborhood. The houses aren't actual houses, they are trailers. At night, people ride around with very loud music inside their pimped out trucks that cost more than their house. This place is full of lots and lots of nacas but all their clothes at Cameleon. There are narcos who live in this neighborhood, basically as spies for the ones living in the actual Florencia, Zacatecas, Mexico. All of the highschoolers who live in this neighborhood go to Sherando High School. The people here all know each other. Many girls buy their shoes at DSW.
Florencia guy 1: hey wei let's hit up laz trailaz, VA (White Post, VA) this weekend

Florencia guy 2: yea wei, i gotta go buy some tortillas at the tiendiya next to it anyways. Those tortillas are the best wei!
by theflorenciaperson January 17, 2012
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A short loser who liked to repost photos with the caption "old" and wear stupid Travis Scott shirts. He thinks he's cool and has clout but in reality is just a toilet stain.
Ya like laz?

Not a chance, he's too much of a fag
by Yalikelaz October 22, 2017
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a person who is utterly cool and scammed the shit out of me
i gave become a LaZ
by Tenshi no Hikari April 21, 2022
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LAZ is a tag that a disabled mentally retarted kid writes on everything and everyone with a perminent marker. He dose this because he gets no bitches and is bad at fortnite
i saw a LAZ tag on the toilet wall I am scared of getting tagged by LAZ
by stinkyparrot May 5, 2022
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