Souvlaki is a well-known Greek dish made with chunks of meat grilled on a skewer, very similar to a shish kabob. The meat is usually pork, but other meats are sometimes used instead, like chicken or lamb.

Can be eaten plain on the stick (kalamaki), in a sandwich (usually pita bread), with tsatsiki or yogurt sauce, tomato and onions. Sometimes lettuce and paprika are added, or even a few french fries.

Souvlaki is related to but is not the same as a gyro (yeeros).
I'll have one souvlaki kalamaki please.
by DirkD January 23, 2007
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after a chick sucks you off, cup the shaft of your dick in your hand(s) and make said chick spit the tzatziki sauce onto your dick and lick it off again.
yo, dude. your mom made great souvlaki last night.
by ricknineplus July 27, 2008
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Souvlaki is a kind of a sandwitch made of a round bread-like-pie, gyros, tomato and tzatziki. It is very popular amongst the greeks. Note that if a greek resides or is traveling abroad the first thing he/she does when coming back to greece is go and have a souvlaki!
I'll have a souvlaki with everything.
by nupix December 27, 2006
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A traditional greek dish - basically pork-, lamb- or chicken skewers(Souvla=skewer)

Also the name of my favourite record made by english group Slowdive.
*Heard in greek*
a:Im hungry
b:"Lets grab something quick and easy
a: I Want something meaty, i am tired of tzatziki and bread
b:How about Souvlaki?

Souvlaki was the best record that came out of the 90`s
by Carbonara April 3, 2008
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used to describe one's beloved greek friend
Gary: Wuddup my souvlaki nigga
Zoe: Yoooo wuddup
by bobbybobmai April 8, 2019
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to jump on someone, wrapping your legs around them and suffocating there body in the leg wrap.
gal 1: you need to hold on tigher or you will fall off!
gal 2: ohkay, hang on, just lemme souvlaki wrap you big time.
by darty,tashb! September 19, 2009
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