13 definitions by Someone who's better than you. I rule.

a bob who is as evil as hamsters are furry. he must not be trusted.
that evil bob killed my dog!
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what we call bob after he dies.
dead bob smells too much. let's bury him.
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what bob is called when he gets caught in the sun, gets a red neck, and grabs a pitchfork and starts humping his sister and marrying his cousins, and saying "yeehaw"
redneck bob humped my sister, then humped his sister, then humped your sister.
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what bob is called when he becomes a judge.
justice bob sentenced me to 7 years in jail for picking my nose.
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big things are things that go with mountains.
I just saw a picture of a mountain and some big things. I rule.
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what we call bob when he has viagara and walks about with a boner.
boner bob walked into and old woman and satisfied her.
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