The Largest city in the state of Nevada. Commonly known as Sin City, due to the popularity of legalized gambling, availability of alcoholic beverages at any time (as is true throughout Nevada), and various forms and degrees of adult entertainment.
Shit dude, I went to Las Vegas and blew five thousand dollars, my wife's gonna be fuckin pissed.
by Cherriots11 December 27, 2006
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Why does everyone hate Las Vegas? Have you ever even been there? The hotels are nothing short of amazing, roman palaces, Egyptian pyrmaids, Parisian Castles, transformed into Modern Hotels. The Club scene is off the wall, and the hotel pools are the best. Sure, there are ghetto parts of the city of sin but what city doesn't have that? Don't write a definition if you've never been there.
Stop hating on Las Vegas, people could do the same thing to where your from.
by Jersey Kid January 20, 2008
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Thanks to this wonderful city, Nevada has one of the lowest tax rates in the U.S. because the gamblers literally "pay" our taxes for us.
Viva Las Vegas. At least I won't have to worry about paying 10% sales tax for everything I buy.
by Nevada resident November 7, 2003
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A lot of you people need to stop hating on Vegas! Some of you are basing your definitions on tired stereotypes and don't realize that LV is more then drive through weddings and cheap motels and hookers!

We have very affluent suburbs, many beautifully designed Hotels, and thanks to all the tourists a booming economy! We also have excellent dinning, mostly good weather, and shopping that rival that of New York and LA.

And to address the issues of prostitution and gambling, prostitution is illegal in LV and if you have a gambling addiction... don't gamble genius, simple as that!

Yes, it is true we have problems here but so do all large cities. Also on a side note our murder rates are lower then a lot of cities and our city’s "ghettos" are much safer too.
Look, I know it's not perfect but what city is?
by Aaron December 19, 2004
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1)Most of you haters think its a place to bang hookers, get married to some bitch you just met, lose all your money gambling, the letter X, etc. 2)Tourist think its a nice city with casinos, lights, fine restaurants, good attractions etc. 3)But we residents think its a place that isn't filled with bullshit, good weather after you get used to it. Many people move out here from California because they need the money or recently lost their jobs.
1) rich guy: Hey man, lets go to Vegas to party, gamble and bang hookers.

2) tourist: Lets go to Vegas to have a nice vacation and to relax.

3) local resident: I moved to Vegas because the minimum wage is higher and they pay good money at the casino.

4) native resident: Vegas is a nice town especially father away from the Strip because you get no trouble and live peacefully.
by LastUser July 6, 2005
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n. A city in southern Nevada best known for the Strip, a street lined with mega-resorts and casinos. Also: a city in New Mexico.
Let's go to Las Vegas and gamble on the Strip.
by Eric Chang February 5, 2004
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I have lived in Las Vegas all my life, so get ready:
There is a big difference between the strip and the rest of Las Vegas (or at least the Eastern Side) The strip is beautiful, but most of the residents here don't go down there very often. We used to have field trips and go down to some of the casinos, but thanks to the economic crisis, the government has cut out ALL field trips for public schools. Our teachers are underpaid, our schools waste our money when we should be spending it on education, and most of our schools are people who are illegal from Mexico.

However, we do have great magnet schools here in Vegas. If you are into perfoming arts, LVA is for you! Our magnet schools are excellent programs.

Almost everything is open 24/7 or open till like midnight. However, almost all of our movie theaters are in casinos (which i sometimes a problem for younger kids) and we only have 1 miniature golf course in the Adventuredome at Circus Circus Casino.

It's very hot here during summer, so bring lots of water. If you are going to the strip, bring extra cash. Things can get pricey up here. Just remeber there is more to Vegas than Strippers and gambling.
Tourist: Your city is amazing!
Resident: Hahaha well than obviously you haven't seen Las Vegas' education!
by Little Miss President October 30, 2008
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