Lopez Vito is a common family name in some Spanish speaking countries.
Martin is called "LV" by his customers in London town as an abbreviation.
by Cyclonetrading June 13, 2021
Martin "LV" Soriano's the "other LV" from the Philippines claiming the trademark from Louis Vuitton. Court Case IPC-142021-00074
Martin is having a court case against Louis Vuitton over the use of the acronym "LV".
by Cyclonetrading June 13, 2021
In Undertale, short for LOVE. And LOVE is short for Level Of ViolencE.
"In Undertale, when you kill, your LV increases."
by Hepha0907 December 24, 2016
V-Vuitton (NoUn)

A french designer.
by LaLa January 6, 2004
Latvia - the best country in the world.
-Where u live?
by zatlers April 25, 2009
an abbreviation of the words "Loose Vagina" i.e. someone that has had sex so many times they actually have a LOOSE VAGINA.
"i heard that tasha girl was a total LV"
by drippymug1. June 24, 2006