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Girls tend to like Lars.
Intelligent and smart, and knows how to use his tools.
Lars is everything a man has ever dreamed about being himself.
Lars is every girls perfect boyfriend.
"Ohh!! LARS!!!! you are so good!!"
"Hey...! I want a Lars too!!!"
"That boy over there.. He is just so Lars"
by Suzan December 27, 2004
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Basically a scandinavian (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish) name that means "the God of all puny humans" from norse language. Larrse was a term used by vikings in the dark ages to describe all Gods basically, and is therefor also the considered meaning of it.
Hello Lars!
Hello God!
by sapmi August 31, 2006
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Lars is the best boyfriend you could imagine. He gives you butterflies everytime he looks at you with his wonderful eyes. His smile is just awesome and makes you want to smile too even if you are sad.
Jenny" I'm so in love with my boyfriend Lars, he is the love of my life and i can't imagine my life without him anymore"
by Jännny May 07, 2016
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a Danish name.

word that originally came from the vikingish name of Larsur.
by Robin May 15, 2004
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1.Wannabe singaproeans usually add this at the end of english sentences to make them look "cool."

2.Sometimes added at the end of acronyms to add style to it.

3. The way singaporeans end their sentences. (I think)
I think I'm so cool lar.


<insert singaporean phrase> lar.
by Kajet March 16, 2004
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