Jamaican term for unintentionally saying something gay, especially around around a group straight male friends.
The term refers to a brief lapse in judgement that makes an individual say something he or she did not mean in the way it was perceived.
Friend1: Ok so we need one more player for our football team.
Guy: OH, Dick ME! I mean pick!
Friend1: Bredda you lapse just now
Guy: Sorry idk how dick came out of my mouth
Friend1: You lapse again
by KyngButler April 15, 2021
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An American indie band formed in late 1997. The band was comprised of Chris Leo (formerly of Native Nod) and Toko Yasuda (formerly of The Van Pelt and Blonde Redhead. Chris played guitar while Toko played bass. Both sang. Much of the vocals were delivered as spoken-word. The band released two records through Southern Records; Betrayal! and Heaven' Ain't Happenin'. The band broke up in 2001, and its extensive influence in the United States indie scene is often overlooked. Yasuda currently plays in the band Enon, while Leo leads The Vague Angels.
The Lapse was one of the greatest American indie bands of all-time.
by Ted Leo April 23, 2008
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Short for when you have had your ass fucked so hard or you’ve pounded someone’s ass so relentlessly that the anus is prolapsing.
I can’t do anything today after last night. I’m lapsing.

I need to get to the doctor. I’m lapsing.

I left her laying on the bed lapsing.
by Eaton Holgoode March 12, 2018
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Iz like when yuz pass up on a chance to holla at a biatch
"Yo son how yuz gone lapse on shorty like dat??? She was feelin you dawg!!!!!!!!"
by rxsteven & nastyness October 15, 2003
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Time-Lapse is another word for getting high.

If you have an iPhone and have ever used the time-lapse feature then you know that u can take a 30min video and it will show you everything in 10min.

When you are high and zone out and then come back, you look at the time and only 5 minutes has passed and it felt like 20min, you just Lapsed.
Time Lapse at 420?? We lapsing tonight??
Time-Lapse?? Bro I had the craziest lapse ever
by signum February 9, 2015
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Random reoccurrence of testicular pain well after initial vasectomy aching. Can occur years after frozen peas period has passed.
Sorry guys, can't shoot hoops today, I think I'm having a V lapse.
by FriendlyDan February 5, 2015
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