Time-Lapse is another word for getting high.

If you have an iPhone and have ever used the time-lapse feature then you know that u can take a 30min video and it will show you everything in 10min.

When you are high and zone out and then come back, you look at the time and only 5 minutes has passed and it felt like 20min, you just Lapsed.
Time Lapse at 420?? We lapsing tonight??
Time-Lapse?? Bro I had the craziest lapse ever
by signum February 9, 2015
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The time-lag between when a phenomenon becomes common knowledge and the time it gets written up in The New York Times.
"Did you see that Times piece on freeganism last week? I met my first freegan a decade ago. That was a pretty egregious Times lapse even by their clueless standards."
by Media Watcher November 1, 2009
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a lap dance that seems to go by quickly but actually lasts for a large amount of time
I got a lap dance that seemed like a Time Lapse
by CleanPusPus69 May 1, 2017
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The lapse of time that passes when on the internet, such as when using social networking sites, Facebook, YouTube or watching porn. The Internet time lapse coincides with the Suction Seat, when the user finds that what he/she thinks are minutes passing end up being hours passing.
Timothé was watching some intense German janitor fetish porn while his parents were out for the day, but he entered the Internet time lapse; his parents came home and found him sitting in a trance in front of his computer, staring at a German woman thrusting her mop up Adolf Hitler's ass.

Aude - Dude, where are you? You were supposed to meet me at zPizza like 3 hours ago!!
Jacques - Oh shit, sorry Aude...I was on Facebook and entered the Internet time lapse.
Aude - Faggot.
by AMorgz August 23, 2010
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"Have you seen her draw my life video?"
"yes, it's so hot. I have a time lapse fetish"
by YC85 February 1, 2022
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The process of rising and falling in the political (time/space) hyper speed world.
It only took a (political) TIME LAPSING to see the powerful candidate become a negative meme with no real support.
by Major Thomas Randle March 17, 2019
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