Ur boy. The guy who you feel comfortable with, and want to socialize with. He's probably been your friend for a long time, and greeting him as bredda will inform him you like him, and view him as your equal.
Guy 1: Yo

Guy 2: Wagwan my bredda
by sebo69 May 06, 2020
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Bredda is another name for brother in Jamaican slang. Usually refers to a male
'yo bredda' is the same as yo brother in English
by Nomess April 09, 2018
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anglo Jamaican slang term used to describe a person, usually a man.
Last night i was walking home when these two breddas tried to buss a movement on me
by Lord Sinista October 28, 2005
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Means the same as brethren just said different.
"yo bredda" hello brethren - close male friend.
by rasta July 23, 2003
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