Hard nipples that are obviously visible through a women's shirt.
Did you just see those frozen peas?
Yeah, she should put a sweater on.
by mellieo February 15, 2008
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a response to the expression cool beans, expressing when something good has happens or when something has been decided
Person 1: so you're gonna come round mine tomorrow then?
Person 2: cool beans
Person 1: frozen peas

Person 1: I just got a brand new phone!
Person 2: cool beans
Person 1: frozen peas
by fgrabbit June 3, 2010
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Coded phrase for: "Getting a vasectomy" since part of the post-operative instructions suggest you place a bag of frozen peas on the sight of the incision for the first few days in order to reduce swelling.
We've decided not to have any more kids, so I'm seriously considering buying frozen peas.
by Tagz January 18, 2011
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Something i say instead of "cool beans," because I'm edgy, distant, and misunderstood.
"Father, I do not necessarily feel like an aardvark."

"That's frozen peas, son."
by xmonke March 14, 2023
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