The most fucking dreadful class any teenager could endure. You don't learn shit from this subject, all you do is end up with a PHAT F and ways to cause depression in teens.
Fuck man, I gotta go to LANGUAGE ARTS, this shits depressing

Language Arts is depressing man, I feel you.
by Nipple Cream Dealer May 27, 2019
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A completely pointless required class in every grade of High School. You learn so much crap you don't need. I mean seriously, when you talk to your friends, do you think.."Oh Crap, I need a pronoun in front of this adverb to make the sentence complete!"? NO! Just another pointless hour out of a teenagers day, and another fat F on your report card.
Damn! I failed all four Language Arts classes, I gotta take all four my Senior year.

Language Arts is so damn boring!
by DCF December 6, 2004
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Depending on your teacher, can be one of the most exciting classes, or the most painful. Can help you realise talents you would never have known you had otherwise. Also one of the easiest classes to goof off in. Most of the time spent in LA class is having group conversations with the entire class to share opinions and have fun.
Fun language arts class
Teacher: I'd like you to write me an essay on something you are interested in, to sort of share a piece of your world with the class.

Boring language arts class
Teacher: we are going to have a long conversation about how to write differet types of poetry then practice writing formal letters for the next three classes.
by LarryFromTheOffice April 5, 2013
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The most exhausting class ever it's not worse than math though
by Deadpool 25 March 20, 2018
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a shitty subject that can just be replaced with grammarly or some other dumbass app. Mostly known as torture for people in school, 99.9% of people hate.
Hey bro, wanna skip English Language Arts to get high in my car?
by maybeillbetracer December 10, 2021
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