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A completely pointless required class in every grade of High School. You learn so much crap you don't need. I mean seriously, when you talk to your friends, do you think.."Oh Crap, I need a pronoun in front of this adverb to make the sentence complete!"? NO! Just another pointless hour out of a teenagers day, and another fat F on your report card.
Damn! I failed all four Language Arts classes, I gotta take all four my Senior year.

Language Arts is so damn boring!
by DCF December 05, 2004

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Game released by the Army as a recruitment tool. However, The CS noobs/kiddies invaded it with their bunny hopping and aimbots so it pretty much sucks now, unless you find a good moderated server.
Did you get the recent version of Americas Army?
by DCF December 09, 2004

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A town in Saginaw Michigan that kicks some serious ass. There are quite a few sexy whores at the schools and the sports teams usually kick ass.
Swan Valley High School won the Spirit award!

We're going to the Meijer's in Swan Valley.
by DCF December 05, 2004

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