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The most fucking dreadful class any teenager could endure. You don't learn shit from this subject, all you do is end up with a PHAT F and ways to cause depression in teens.
Fuck man, I gotta go to LANGUAGE ARTS, this shits depressing

Language Arts is depressing man, I feel you.
by Nipple Cream Dealer May 26, 2019

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A meet up spot, typically bathroom, for people or teens to vape. Like "peeing in the juul room".
Hey man wanna hit up the juice bar? I got blue razz lemonade, you gotta try it!

I'd love to! I got my watermelon juice to bring!
by Nipple Cream Dealer May 29, 2019

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To fuck. That's it.
Aye dude, this girl wants to pipe this weekend, I'm so stoked!
Awh shit, here we go again.
by Nipple Cream Dealer June 10, 2019

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