The phenomenon where an individual acquires allergies due to dust, smell, and other external factors causing a sudden cold and cough.
I caught the Lander Syndrome because my sheets were dirty.
by honeybeeeeeeeeee November 9, 2023
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An incredibly handsome and intelligent guy. Possesses excellent intuition and has somewhat of a psychic touch. A complete joy to be around.
I just had the best time ever. Such a Daniel Landers moment!
by Doc23007 April 10, 2022
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To keep talking to random people while on drugs
Last night this guy was landering me at a party, he obviously took loads of MD. ( To lander, verb)
by Trippy pafkous January 18, 2018
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Kindness is in my name,friendly with everyone and puts others before herself.Best at giving advice and guarantee y’all will be friends:)
Jayne Landers will the one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
by Jeffery Daniele la April 19, 2022
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When you are sick with the flu but you check the look to make sure it’s still on point. Complete with a little ‘Blue Steel’ thrown in at the end. Best when observed by someone else.
Okay Flu-Lander you just puked your guts out - put the blue steel pose away and get back to bed.
by Kabbo March 8, 2018
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Someone who is willing to fight even the toughest of people for you, even if he knows the risks.
Person 1: did you see my boyfriend standing up to the toughest guy in school??
Person 2: yeah. He really pulled a Beast Lander.
by Lander,themultipersonalityman February 19, 2022
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Compleatly screwing over everyone in the direct vicinity. often, telling people to do things one day and wanting it sooner. and using goody two shoes who have it done as an example that the rest of us suck.
my teacher pulled a lander when he asked for our papers two days earlier than he said before.
by February 17, 2009
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