Ignore anything you just saw. Forget everything I just said.

The reset button of life, especially of military life.
As you were, soldier. Nothing just happened.
by BRL April 9, 2007
The debut solo album by former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher, hailed as a return to form. The title comes from his signoff on his tweets.
by rightoverlord July 15, 2018
When you cut someone off and present evidence of them being hypocritical
Person: So, by all means, we should stop smoking-
Someone: *shows video of Person smoking*

Another person: Ah, yes, so Person, you were saying?
by whomst'd've'ly'yaint July 8, 2018
a phrase you can add to a long, boring story that a friend or relative is telling you, to make the story more exciting or funny for yourself.
Person A: "When we were in Nebraska we visited the museum of agriculture, went to a corn maze, and visited a farm....

Person B: ....And then you were raped."

Person A: "What??, No I wasn't"
by The Flying 69 September 6, 2009
1. A wicked insult to scar or otherwise mentally harm your brother,enemy,troll,fag,loser,low-life or whoever it is you are arguing/disagreeing with.

2.Something you say to your kids to make them feel 'special'.Popular with fathers,mostly.Similar to 'you were an accident'.
1. (Random Youtuber watching one of Gligar13Vids reviews,posting a comment) : Damn,dude.Either you was dropped as a baby or you were a mistake!

Gligar13Vids : D: ....

2. Daddy: Why the fuck did you knock over that vase?!Why did my bitch even have you?!You were a mistake!!

Kid: (sarcastically)Gee,thanks,Dad!
by damnthat'sgoodOJ November 28, 2013
The hebrew term for "You wish!"
and in hebrew: "ha'ita met!".
Karl: "Do u mind licking my balls?"
Pfifi: "You were dead!".
by RubberDuck March 20, 2005
Hands down the Greatest Song of All-Time by the legendary Pink Floyd.
A: "Have you heard "Wish You Were Here?""

B: "Duh, who hasn't, that song is the greatest ever and Pink Floyd was the most epic and legit band ever."
by In Heaven There is No Beer November 9, 2010