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Lala is the definition of a “ride or die bitch” Someone you go to war with NEVER against. She tells it like it is and it’s usually what you need to hear. A lover of animals and hosting a crowd. You’ll never find another... this girl down 💜
Lala is my homegirl, if you didn’t know, now you know girl...
by Pixie702 February 06, 2019
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To do something obscene or kinky that isnt able to be said delicately.
by roxy August 02, 2004
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fuck you
Lala is a nicer way of saying you want to fuck someone. Sang by Ashlee Simpson.
"You make me wanna LaLa in the kitchen on the floor"
"You make me wanna fuck you in the kitchen on the floor"
by Jennifer August 07, 2004
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An acronym for the phrase: "Let's all laugh at Sunderland" used to highlight the unfortunate performances of Sunderland FC, used in insult from rival Newcastle United FC fans.

Often also used as a sort of signature to a Newcastle fan's rantings.
Sunderland Fan: You're only third in the league because you haven't played any decent teams.

Newcastle Fan 1: Even though we've played Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Fulham and Stoke who are all in europe? Oh, and we've beaten you aswell.

Newcastle Fan 2: LALAS!
by ThisWelshKid November 15, 2011
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Another name (one of so, so many) for weed.
"I'm on that la la, twist it up
I'm on that syrup, slow it down"
-I Know the Future (Weezy)
by breakyoselffool February 24, 2009
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