Someone who’s has a kind heart but likes to joke around. Someone who’s funny and active and yet, can be so caring and loving. Someone who’s fun to talk to and is always there when you need help. Someone who’s trustworthy of being a friend, and even more than that. Sometimes she can be a bit mean, but behind it all, she’s the type of person that you want to fall in love with. Her eyes are more beautiful than the stars at midnight. Her smile is prettier than millions of diamonds and jewels. She is the most precious thing you would ever have in your life and you wouldn’t regret wasting your time with her for eternity.
I’m so grateful to have Lala in my life.”
by gebleg_04 November 27, 2019
Lala is the definition of a “ride or die bitch” Someone you go to war with NEVER against. She tells it like it is and it’s usually what you need to hear. A lover of animals and hosting a crowd. You’ll never find another... this girl down 💜
Lala is my homegirl, if you didn’t know, now you know girl...
by Pixie702 February 6, 2019
Marijuana, weed, bud, grass. Simple as that.
-Is he ok?

-He's been drinking and smoking lala.

-Figured as much.
by Mark Connor January 17, 2009
A Chinese slang term used by lesbians to describe themselves (拉拉).
A little-known but vibrant underground queer women's community exists in China, especially in Beijing and Shanghai, where bars and online chat rooms keep "lalas" connected.
by CuiZinieR November 18, 2010
Lala refers to marijuana. Heard mostly in inner city areas.
A: Hey man, you got that lala?
B: Ya dude, what you need?
A: Yea, can i get a slice of that shit?
B: Yea man.
by slightlycoped December 15, 2008
It's Muslim Swahili for "sleep."
Adam: "Lala salama, Naama."
Naama: "Yeah, good night to you, too."
by Nelly N March 3, 2007