A character from the children's t.v. show, Teletubbies.
One of four, including Tinkie-Winkle, Dipsy, La-la and Po
by Dani L February 25, 2005
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lala comes from an old expression “ooooohlala” which meant damn your fine or wow I want to sex you. It has been warped by at least two generations to be lala and refers to sex acts or being aroused. It originally came from the French language and like all slang has been changed and adopted by the next generation so they can claim to be new and fresh when in reality they are emulating their parents but refuse to acknowledge it.
father: oooohlala she is drop dead sexy

Son: lala dad?

Father no, oooohlala, lala just menas your goofy in the head

Son: Whatever
by Thundersgone July 11, 2006
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Lala refers to marijuana. Heard mostly in inner city areas.
A: Hey man, you got that lala?
B: Ya dude, what you need?
A: Yea, can i get a slice of that shit?
B: Yea man.
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
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.....also considered to be the female sexual organ located in the lower abdominal area.

..... WAY before Ashlee Simpsons song la la, KIX used it in one of their song titles "Bump the La La"
Im going over to kristys house to bump the la la....
by M April 05, 2005
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1) somebody who's away with the fairies, not on planet earth, etc

2) The Third Teletubby
My girlfreind can be a bit of a la la
by black flag June 05, 2004
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