The capital of China, also the center of culture and politics in China. It is an old and attractive city.
Beijing, wait for me! i will come too see you!
by Sdmhy August 2, 2007
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A large layer of thick smog in China, it is believed that there is a city in there.
(Two people in Beijing)
Person 1 - Where are you?
Person 2 - I'm here, can't you see me
Person 1 - Of course not we're in Beijing
by yorricksfriend August 19, 2008
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Beijing is a city in China (which happens to be the capital)
The 2008 Olympics will be held here.
Beijing's short form is's true
Sam - Hey I like your BJ 2008 hat
Fred - Thanks, I got it at Best Buy
by Ness October 4, 2004
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Also called Peking, the biggest city around Tianjin.
Beijing is a selling image of communism China.
by Peevee August 11, 2006
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Adjative: A condition when the weather is particularly hazy, polluted, hot, humid or of similar condition.
Jimbo: Hey, how is the weather outside?
MJ: It is straight Beijing.
by Diegoengel August 12, 2008
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A term used to describe a mentally or physically attractive female whom one would participate in sexual activity with.
I'm looking for a light-skinned Beijing.
by Dirty Rotten Radio November 12, 2010
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